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committee as he unveils a dramatic spending plan with major cuts for 2012. that's it for today. see you next fox news sunday. >> a fox urgent tsunami warning issued for japan. after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit off shore. this coming from the japan meteorology agency, the tsunami could be 1.6 feet and as we know, the size is deceiving when it comes in and how the wave comes in and how much it can take when it goes back out. dominique dei-natale with the latest on this. >> reporter: harris, it happened just 30 minutes ago. the details we have at the off
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the coast, which is supposed to be fukushima nuclear plant having the problems from the results of the tsunami and earthquake. and taking the height, 1.6 as well, but it's not about the height of the wave it's actually the back distance of the wave, how high it is, and goes back, and the force that it will bring it it hits shore. we haven't had confirmation whether the tsunami has happened, but probably in at that area, as result of the march tsunami. the wave touched in and big enough (inaudible) it will just drag even more around and the recovery process going on up there, particularly difficult. and where the united states force has been helping out with relief efforts and handing out fresh water there and concerned about contaminated down by fukushima. this weekend, we've seen
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thousands of people heading down from the north, particularly from tokoyo, concerned about the contamination and polluted water in the city as well and the city pretty much osoko is booked. and we've been charging and full to capacity and seems to be driving more people from the north probably causing more worry they're hit by near tsunami, harris. >> you know, dominic, i kind of want to get perspective on this for our viewers. we've been hearing after lot of after shocks and earthquakes that have been in the neighborhood of 6-5 '6.6 in magnitude. this is different, why? >> it's different because it's a shal doe depth, you know, the more shal doe it is, the more force tends to be forced upwards and creates a tsunami. so it's not necessarily the
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intensesy, how close to the surface it is and causes the most damage. the energy out of the ground, it goes up to the sea level and flat level and spreads out and that's why you have such a widespread of devastation when you have the shallow earthquake. even the relatively low magnitude. 6.5 is what we're told. >> well, dominic, i am he' sure, i know you're in osoko, away from the epicenter, but news travels fast and no doubt the whole country is on alert. what's the imagine reaction you're witnessing? >> i tell you, my hotel room on the program we heard it happening as i was walking down the corridor i could hear tv after tv suddenly going on in hotel room after hotel room on my floor and hear walking and talking to each other or the telephone and the immediate reaction, oh, my
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goodness, here we go again. >> all right, you've been talking about some of the areas that would be near this. one of them, i would imagine not too far away and everybody's mind falls to the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. what are you hearing with regard to that. they've already had so much damage and crisis there. >> yeah, well, i mean, they had to evacuate workers yesterday because of suddenly high levels of radiation. overestimated levels of high radiation and too dangerous and fukushima, you know, just a few dozen miles away from where the earthquake currently is taking place 30 minutes ago and it's the latest information, it literally happened and the authorities there, what physical impact this is actually caused any specific damage further to the reactor there and given the fact that we believe a lot of the fuel rods have already been exposed to the
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atmosphere, and any physical damage there that could actually turn it into a major nuclear catastrophe, a radioactive catastrophe. >> you know, the people can't seem to catch a break and everybody holds them in their prayers. and alert coming into the news room, dominic and you're gathering, but tsunamis are expected to arrive imminently in the following coastal regions in japan and it lists the miagyi prefecture. what sort of warning or what are they telling people? >> there will be sirens, functioning, depending where the water causes in the area. people obviously will be-- those who have cell phones and cell phones towers up and operating and people's relatives around the country
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on this sunday morning here, will often be ringing in and a case of word of mouth. no doubt there will be a degree of panic, no one knows exactly the scale of the wave coming and might not be told it's 1.6 high, people will know what happened on the last, what the effects of the last tsunami and heading inland to the high ground as quickly as they can. >> absolutely. dominic doe natale in osoko, japan, not too far away, japan was hit with a tsunami warning that comes along with it. we'll go back to dominic as the news warrants. i had mentioned off the top of this newscast we were getting this from the japan meteorology agencies. we want to go 0 our team here, let's go to meteorologist maria molina in the weather center for more. >> hi, harris, we know the last earthquake that hit those were magnitude 9.0. so this is a little less and
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no tsunami warnings or advisories have been issued as of yet for alaska, california or the coast of oregon or washington, or hawaii, so that's a little bit of good news for us here in the u.s. so we don't think that this earthquake was powerful enough or of enough magnitude to bring a wave over into our coastline, but still very imminent threat out there for japan and that's the location of the earthquake is similar as well to the last earthquake that did hit, that we have had amazing amount of damage. you can see on the satellite image not a lot of cloud cover through the country of japan. some clouds off to the west and we will have a new approaching storm system though and this is going to be bringing in some concern for additional cleanup efforts or radioactive vapors that may be in the atmosphere and headed to wednesday, but for monday and tuesday the problem is going to be the very cool air in place, nighttime temperatures just before the freezing mark, dangerous for anyone caught outside and
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sunshine, monday and tuesday and temperatures gradually warming up by tuesday, but wednesday when the next system will be moving on and as far as wind direction, harris, we know that's out of the west and bringing the on shore flow. nonetheless, particles may be radioactive and snow and rain falling and could be bringing in material. so we're going to keep a close eye on this, harris. >> all right, maria, we'll check back again also with you, and updates continue to come in. we have started with reports of an earthquake, a 6.5 magnitude in japan, the meteorology center there saying they are he' expecting a tsunami to arrive imminently in the coastal regions and list the tsunami warning in effect and we'll check back on the situation as we get new and fresh information. now we're going to lomove on to libya. explosions in the air and along with that sound of
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anti-aircraft fire. libyan television reporting air strikes are targeting gaddafi's hometown for the very first time. and the rebels who want gaddafi to leave firing shots in the air in celebration as they make gains i the eastern part of the country and this fact, hauled away a tank that days ago belonged to gaddafi sources and the rebels now in control of the oil complexes as you're looking at one of the complex, responsible for an enormous chunk of the 1.5 million barrels daily. most of europe, exports which have the stocks rising since february. our steve harrigan is live from tripoli, are the rebels have more success because of the allied air strikes or something that they're doing for themselves. >> reporter: harris, i think most of the credit for the
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gains and they are remarkable really have to go to the allied air strikes. u.s., french, british war planes targeting gaddafi and government mechanized vehicles and tanks and armored carrier vehicles and gives the gaddafi forces little choice, but to retreat. and forcing a big chunk of territory under rebel control for the gaddafi forces and the government says if it's a tactical withdrawal, but has a stage after route and government soldiers leaving their vehicles and trying to get civilian cars, leaving their uniforms and ammunition as they really run in the face of the allied air strikes and do get most of the credit. the rebels are simply occupying territory and quite a bit of it as those government forces flee and the head to head battle on the ground with air strikes that are paving the way at this point, harris. >> what about looking ahead? is there any sort after decisive battle on the horizon
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for them? >> the next real battle could be about 230 miles away from here, that's in gaddafi's hometown, and it's not only a strategic, but also a very important psychological place as well. gaddafi's hometown, the center of his popular report and his government forces are already being attacked by air strikes around there and that could be key. we just heard from a government spokesman a short time ago that he says the n.a.t.o. air strikes are to improve n.a.t.o. position at the bargaining table and obviously, some people in the government in negotiated settlements ending this conflict. harris, back to you. >> steve harrigan reporting live for us in tripoli. back to the latest on the tsunami warning in japan after a 6.5 magnitude quake struck the already ravaged system. plus, a bomb hidden inside a morning newspaper. now an entire california neighborhood evacuated. the latest on the west coast scare. stay close.
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>> breaking now on the fox report, a tsunami warning issued for japan after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake just off shore. this is coming from the japan meteorology agency. the tsunami pipe could be 1.6 feet and as we found out from the reporters on the ground, the size could be deceiving, it has to do with the power in which it comes in, excuse me, dominic denatale there for us and brought in the latest as it comes into the news room, we'll bring it to you. and now a fox urgent, homes evacuated at this hour in northern california, a town there, after a bomb stashed inside a sunday newspaper exploded. here is what we know. one man is hurt and police dressed in bomb suits in the neighborhoods looking for any more explosive devices. california police right now telling people, warning them, if you live in the area of
7:16 pm
vacaville, do not approach anything that was delivered to your home this morning. casey stegall is following the story from the west coast news room. casey. >> reporter: yeah, harris, that warning coming out as a precaution and also a breaking story, the developments still coming in at this hour as we continue to follow them, at first there were multiple reports of multiple explosive devices, scattered throughout that northern california neighborhood, but now a city spokesperson told the fox news channel, only one device has been found and by the way, they're not characterizing it as a pipe bomb or acid bomb and the only thing they're saying, some type of device wrapped in a sunday newspaper exploded after a man picked it up in his driveway earlier today. and the victim had to be airlifted to a local hospital and his condition is not known. and bomb sniffing dogs quickly deployed to the brown valley
7:17 pm
neighborhood and residents from 12 different homes were moved out. >> at this point, we have evacuated the court where he lives, those folks have been taken to the community center here in vacaville. >> some neighbors telling local affiliates they do not subscribe to papers, but received one at this hour, but at this point hour only one device has been found and as we said, warnings went out to a half mile radius, telling them not to approach any suspicious package or item. vacaville, by the way, nine miles north of the travis air force base, in addition to the fbi and bureau of of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, and air space were deployed as well and police have not mentioned anything in terms after motive at this point. >> harris: and of course,
7:18 pm
casey, we'll come back to you later in the newscast as well. if you learn any more. thank you very much. we want to go back to japan where another earthquake has just hit. we'll do that coming up. and plus, widespread flooding causing some big problems in one part the of the country. houses soaking up enormous amounts of water and an update on all the storms hitting california and where they're going next. plus, getting high-tech to secure our nation's border, but it's not the border that we share with mexico, it's the one up north. stay with us.
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>> breaking now on the fox report. a tsunami warning issued for japan. a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit off the country's north coast. i'm going to check the associated press wires and all
7:22 pm
of the news coming into our wires urgent as well. an official in japan say they're not seeing immediate reports of damage or injuries and they are he' monitoring that situation, but the main concern right now is this warning, this advisory of a tsunami. and it may hit the miyaga p prefecture. we'll check back with dominic. >> hey harris, put into context what a 1.6 foot tsunami might look like to the original tsunami march 11th, a much more powerful wave up to 30, 37 foot i believe in certain parts, 1.6 is obviously a lot lower than that, but because it was so close to the surface, what may have caused the tsunami, no confirmation of that just yes. 3.7 miles down, the bit
7:23 pm
further north of the fukushima nuclear plant where we obviously have the radioactivity crisis at the moment and 1.6 below, near the surface, that energy that actually gets out of the ground and actually sent upwards with nowhere to go. and the energy goes up and spread out. it could actually have more impact, it could actually have more momentum behind it even though it's very low. and what it does is send out, they could-- the waves not necessarily the height, but water and sheer force of that water behind that wave, actually could then come inland and that's the biggest risk here. it's not going to be the hide of the wave, it's the sheer amount of water that is surged on to the land and that's what people are looking out for and cause additional damage of the area which has already been stricken by the march 11th quake. >> dominic, no doubt, when people think back on the pictures at that we showed them and have been showing fem for the last 16 days, of
7:24 pm
what's happened in at that country, and we in no way want to communicate that this could compare to that, but this is why people are so on edge, today, with this new warning. let's take a look back at solve the video now as we watch the water come on to shore with the tsunami that hit on march 11th after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake. this memory, so fresh in their minds and in their hearts and many of them, as you mentioned, off the top of this newscast, dominic, millions of them are still displaced and so, they're still dealing with the aftermath of everything. >> oh, absolutely, yeah. >> yeah, i think the word is tsunami, they're not going to kaur how big it is or tall it is or how deep it is, it's a tsunami and it's going to-- and common until now, but we're talking about millions of people displaced and people heading down to the south and we've been talking about that a while ago and most people who started to return and we
7:25 pm
saw that this weekend. families going back, and see what they can salvage. well, still the risk of tsunamis coming at them and obviously, they're going to feel caught and there's a degree of panic there, and how many people are we talking about. we're talking about they're not finding themselves in that predicament. and they're less than 45 minutes the warning was issued and so, the word, if it is getting to them, no doubt will actually be-- we'll actually be worrying an awful lot of people. and depends how many are close to higher ground and back to the houses which were hid by the original earthquake or by the original tsunami. and there is potential in the area, to actually be cause of yet another tidal wave certainly, but no mention there is a tidal wave, harris. >> harris: and this may be helpful to learn as well. because this is coming into the news room now. the japan meteorology agency that very agency i said that we have been getting a lot of information from this evening,
7:26 pm
is saying now, that that it is imminent according to their reporting, and that the tsunami will come in and you've heard dominic explaining the height and the force. and potentially, but here is what they're saying, they will most likely see a sea level change, but not anticipating any major damage in coastal regions, other than the above, that than the miyagi pr pre-fecture. high tide and tsunami arrival time they're watching carefully, but dominic, that is, you know, at least some good news that they're looking ahead and trying to figure out how this thing might come in. the now, the big question as you've just pointed out, how fast can any travel and most people get in the previous affected areas. >> reporter: in the hardest hit areas, probably a
7:27 pm
guesstimate and heaven forbid there is another tsunami because those in the direct line of that will probably get caught and you know, even as you were saying there is an increase in sea level, and sea activity, anything that was on the damaged already is actually going to feel the extent. it may not be wide scale destruction, but likely to be an impact of the higher sea level on anything that's loose and already damaged right on that coast line as well. so this is going to compound the situation anywhere near that, suffered some form of damage and passing by the first tsunami at that we had back, back 16 days ago. there will be people who are really concerned and what they've arrived back home to find and we know that about ten to 60,000 have already done that. >> harris: dominic dena tal continues to report out of
7:28 pm
osoko japan. this just has come in, and this is fluid so i want to keep you informed. miyag iech miyagi pre-fecture. they'll pay attention to how the tsunami comes in at high tide and could boost the waves, one thing they're watching. 6.5 magnitude quake sit off the shore of japan and a tsunami warning in place, advisories in effect for coastal regions of japan. no damage expected so far, but they will watch to see if it comes in with high tide. that could boost the height of the wave and bring more problems and we'll continue to follow the the developments out of japan after this warning has been issued and bring you the very latest as it comes in. now to the ongoing fight for libya's future. anti-government rebels head toward the capital city, tiply. how close are they? we'll check in. stay with us. i can't get rid of these weeds, or these nasal allergies.
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>> breaking now on the fox report. a tsunami warning issued for japan after the 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit the country's northeast coast a short time ago and we are getting word into our news room that no major damage is expected. along the coast. and that is good news, but japanese officials say they will closely monitor the wave as it comes in. we'll continue to follow the developments out of japan and bring you the latest in updates as we get them. explosions heard in the skies over tripoli. you want to take a look now at
7:33 pm
the sky line. we are he' told anti-aircraft fire heard in the capital tonight, all of this as rebels in the east celebrate taking control of several cities, including two with oil complexes. our rick leventhal is streaming from the northeastern city in benghazi with the latest there. >> harris, every one of the opposition fighters will tell you they could not have made the remarkable progress they have over the past 48 hours retaking so many towns in the hands of gaddafi troops without the help from above. those n.a.t.o. fighting jets, artillery and other positions destroying the tanks and artillery and armor and allowing the rebels to push further and further west. we have seen them move into ajdabiya, thanks to dozens of gaddafi tanks destroyed and on to the the town of brega, and a massive oil fine complex, retaking the towns and oil terminals will allow the rebels, they say to begin exporting oil within the next
7:34 pm
week and they say they can produce as many as 100,000 to 130,000 barrels of oil a day. possibly up to 300,000 barrels of oil a day within the next week and they say they already have a deal with qatar. one thing that the rebels also are doing, when they come across some of the tanks, partially destroyed by the air strikes, they're loading those tanks on to flat beds and bringing them to benghazi and other places and trying to fix them so they can use the tanks themselves. again, harris, dramatic progress and rebel fighters tell us they're now just 330 miles of tripoli where gaddafi is firmly in place and hopes of pushing to reach tripoli as soon as possible. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. president obama set to talk to the nation on libya tomorrow night and n.a.t.o. approved the plan to take care of aerial operations and any ground attacks in libya. and earlier today, secretaries hillary clinton and robert gates making the rounds on the
7:35 pm
sunday morning talk shows to explain the administration's position including why we engaged the military when we did. here is secretary clinton. >> in libya, when a leader says, fear nothing, show no mercy and call the air force attacks on its own people. that crosses the line that people in the world have decided they could not tolera tolerate. >> caroline shively is live in washington this evening and what does n.a.t.o. taking control of the aerial operations mean for the united states? >> it's important, harris, because taking control of the ground attacks was the last important piece for n.a.t.o. to command. they had already agreed to run the no-fly zone and enforce the arms embargo and u.s. officials have been itching to hand over control, but it could take another three days for n.a.t.o. to take full control and secretary gates says operations can still be running the end of the year, but xkt the u.s. drawdown of resources to begin in the is
7:36 pm
he near future. >> i would say from tactical purposes the implementation of the no-fly son is complete. now, it will need to be sustained, but it can be sustained with a lot less effort than what it took to set it up. >> u.s. will still be participating in all areas of the fight, but no longer head of command. harris. >> harris: i saw this question come up, why get involved in libya and stay out of syria, people are also in harm's way and protests against the government. >> reporter: a huge question all over for the administration today of course. gates said libya did not pose imminent threat to the u.s., begging more questions, but he he says there was a bigger reason to go in, including revolutions and tunisia and egypt and here is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> they didn't attack us, but what they were doing and gaddafi's history and the potential for the disruption and instability was very much in our interests as bob said and seen by our european
7:37 pm
friends and our arab partners as very vital to their interests. >> no guarantees whether gaddafi will survive as libya's ruler and secretary clinton says an international conference on tuesday will layout strategies. harris, back to you. >> caroline, thank you very much from the studio. >> with the president speaking tomorrow night, our shepard smith will anchor live coverage right here on the fox report. 7 p.m. eastern, the president expected to speak about 7:30. it seems like it's a part of health care, the new law for reform that could have gotten mixed. and thanks to ballooning medicare costs the first time since 2009, senior citizens for social security were about to get higher benefit payments, they're called cost of living adjustments to cover the rising cost of gas and food, but wait, there's a problem. hire medicare costs to food and benefits. liz macdonald a here to
7:38 pm
explain. >> it's happening now because inflation has been going up and cost of living ajudgment, harris, is real low, 1.2% so what's going on now, you see 45 million americans in this country get both medicare and social security for the senior citizens that go to the doctor and get ten doctors visits. part b medicare payment. that covers though costs. what is happening now the medicare premiums are going up and wipe out the cost of living increase and that's a really bad thing, but this is interesting, it may only affect 25% of those who get those premiums, the payouts and what i mean, is there's a provision in the law that says, if the cola increase doesn't cover the cost of the medicare increase, then it can take affect. so we're' talking about possibly something like 33, 34 million people may not be affected by this. 11 million people will be affected by it. >> harris: all right. what about fixing it. do you think that congress will-- >> that's an important
7:39 pm
question. 11 million people affected by it those who make 85,000 or more in their he retirement. so, you know, you've got to wonder will congress step up to the plate, will the white house step up to the plate and address this and it's hard to live on that income at this point in time, when inflation is going up. it doesn't look like there's any movement right now on the administration level or some legislators are talking about it, but not really a lot of moving right now. >> harris: okay, liz mcdonald good to see you. 11 million people and you can see liz macdonald, also known as e-mac. and medicare troubles and much more, if you don't have it demand, you've got to have the fox business network. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: back to breaking news out of japan. a tsunami warning there issued after a 6.5 magnitude quake that struck earlier. officials don't expect major damage from the tsunami, but they're closely monitoring it. and having been born on an
7:40 pm
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even if they're away from home. it's more than advanced technology. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. >> breaking now on the fox report. 90 minutes since a, magnitude 6.5 hit off the northeast coast of japan. and they are watching carefully now that a tsunami advisory is in full effect of what that might bring in, but there is some good news to report in just the last little while. we're learning that no major damage was expected to come out of this. expected to be about 1.6 and that is sometimes can do nothing, but it has to do with the powerful force it comes into land, but from the jips meteorology agency saying they
7:44 pm
do not effect major damage along the region and the waves might come in with high tides and might swell it a bit, but right now they're not expecting it to be very damaging. and we will h follow the developments closely. a few days ago, they were hit, a double whammy. the earthquake 9.0 and the tsunami. and we'll let you know. now, on to washington. lawmakers coming back from recess there, a pressure cooker. the clock ticking on a possible government shutdown, congress must agree on a budget to fund the government for the rest of the year. instead, allegations of political she nangans, coming from all parties. and peter doocy in washington with more. >> even though the house and senate were off this week, we still heard from lawmakers that we learned that nobody wants to take credit for this fiscal year's nonexistent budget. the snort from new york, democrat dhuk schumer went so
7:45 pm
far to say the reason nothing happened isn't because republicans and democrats don't get along, because speak speaker boehner hears the shift. the speaker knows when it comes to avoiding a shutdown, his problem is with the tea party, not democrats. and lashing out of democrats in a knee jerk way, we hope the house republicans will stand up to the tea party and negotiations that have been so full of promise. i asked republican senator john mccain this morning if the tea party is really to blame here. he says they're not and that the g.o.p. listened to them and the voters that represent them in november. >> tea partiers are an important part of our base and important in the last election. and we can't ignore their message and their message is clearly that they want significant spending cuts and stop mortgaging our children's futures and the republicans should be neither embarrassed more concerned, and we should be carrying that message.
7:46 pm
>> mccain and schumer are prove that the two sides here have very different ideas what should be included in the budget. even though the house and senate were both off the past week and april 8th, the friday after next, deadlines to either make a deal or let the government shut down. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. newly released 911 tapes and surveillance video in a police shooting, showing us the chilling reality from people in a wal-mart parking lot. ecover the story on fox report in january when it was breaking news in the state of washington. from the air we could see the chaos, but now, for the first time, we can listen to the frantic scene unfolding as police say a utah man opened fire on two deputies, wounding them. >> at wal-mart, we-- >> shots fired! >> shots fired! >> we have an officer down. we have two officers down and the suspect shot. we need back up now!
7:47 pm
>> the call came in as it quickly turned into a gun battle between a man named anthony martinez and deputies and they shot martinez in the leg. including a deputies he wounded, he killed a 13-year-old girl before taking his own life. now, american heroes back from afghanistan. one of them, a marine, gets quite a special delivery. just one stop as we go across america. michigan, fire at a bar in downtown lennon causing the roof to collapse and inside people trapped and fire crews struggling to get them out and when it's over ten firefighters hurt and along with one other person and investigators working on the cause of the fire. washington, all systems back up and running in alaska airline, a blown transformer causing a computer outage that led to fire delays and
7:48 pm
cancellations across the country. here is what it looked like in one airport, and 152 flights to be canceled affecting some 12,000 passengers. the president of the airline issuing an apology on youtube. ohio, high emotion and in cuyahoga falls. in a homecoming for marines deployed in afghanistan, family and friends filling up the local high school to greet the home town heroes gone for seven months, just long enough for this little guy to be arrive and meet daddy for the for the first time. >> i had pictures, but nothing like being able to hold him and able to kiss him myself. >> harris: new york, we knew somebody won. now we're learning seven state workers will split that mega millions jackpot. the sources saying the group bought the ticket a center down the block from where they worked. the owner of cowlson's a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. and that is a fox watch across
7:49 pm
america. we'll go back to japan for an update on the earthquake and tsunami advisory now in effect. plus, widespread flooding causing big troubles in one part of the country. houses soaking up an enormous amount of water. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm.
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>> a fox urgent tsunami advisory in effect in japan after a 6.5 magnitude quake hit off japan, the meteorologist saying it did not see any damage to the coastal region, let's get a live report from dominic denatale live for us. >> reporter: a fairly shocking start to the week here, it's monday morning, happened at 7:23 local time as
7:53 pm
the people were getting ready to go to work and of course, people very concerned another tsunami will hit those trying to salvage their devastated lives there, you know, this happened very close to where the march 11th earthquake happened and as a result, many people actually this was probably a close call and we're not hearing of any material or large scale damage up there at the moment and hopefully people have actually escaped in this particular case. you have to remember that the march 11th he earthquake actually shifted pressure on a plate tokoyo and geologist keeping an eye whether a repeated earthquake will shake or worse to come and hopefully after what we had today that isn't going to be the case, harris. >> harris: dominic di-natale reporting live from japan. a weekend washout it central california. heavy rains triggers mudslides there and this is video, the drainage pipe ripping a hole into the ground, sending a
7:54 pm
surge of water over homes and businesses and people are beginning to clean up there. a nasty weather near paradise park to shut down and the powerful storm causing rocks and mud over the roads. a bomb stashed inside a newspaper found in a small suburbs outside of san francisco. updates on one man living near the home where he went out it pick up the paper in the driveway. and now, homes evacuated. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
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immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. >> they're down to the final four. the ucla march madness and the jayhawks didn't make it as big teams got knocked off. and keith of is here to talk about the sports headlines. the final four, who will they be? and some big names won't be
7:58 pm
there. >> it's wild and crazyiest march madness you've seen. put it in perspective, the teams in there now are virginia commonwealth universities and butler and kentucky a fourth seed and never in the ncaa tournaments have there been a final four without a one or two seed. the first year it's ever happened. >> harris: and you say that actually the viewership has been up and people wanted to see the big guys taken. >> who doesn't like the cinderella story and a shocker. and butler head coach, they're booting up duke and beating up-- >> they could almost play, knock out the teams. >> one last stat, 5.9 million people filled out brackets on in this tournament and two in the entire world have the right final four. that's how wild this is. >> harris: i wonder how the president's brackets did. >> he was doing pretty well, but i don't think he has it. >> harris: quickly with a few seconds. baseball season almost here,
7:59 pm
just to kick it off. >> thursday i think the san francisco giants, defending world champions take on the dodgers at 8 p.m. thursday thursday night and baseball on the ground and there it is tim lincecum with the greatest hair, and the giants world champions are back. >> harris: all right. a recap now of the top stories, a tsunami advisory in effect in this hour after 6.5 magnitude struck the region's northeast coast and here is what we can tell you about that quake. officials say no major damage expected from the tsunami after the quake, but the wave is being closely watched. in california, one man injured picking up the morning paper from his driveway. police there saying a bomb was hidden inside the paper and nearby homes in the san francisco suburb of vacaville have been evacuated and bomb squad searching for other devices and that man airlifted to the hospital. and that's how we report on this sunday, marc

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